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Southern Charm From the Farm 

Catering & Mobile Services

Welcome Friends!

We would love nothing more than the opportunity to serve y'all on your special day or at your special Event! 

We have Push Carts & Mobile Trailers Available for indoor & Outdoor occasions. 

Below you will find our Starting Package rates for catering services. Please understand that these are just starting rates. Due to the 

Ongoing, inevitable rising costs in products these packages may slightly change in pricing both Seasonally and Annually. 

Every event is unique all the way down to the services you'd like us to provide to you and your guests, even

 the number of guests you have attending. If you don't see what you are looking for please don't hesitate to email us! 

 Contact us for a Customized Quote!

We offer a wide variety of Bar Style Services!  Complete with

 Fun Toppings! 

*Coffee Bar *Cocoa Bar * Italian Soda Bar *Alcoholic Beverages Bar *Smoothie Bar *Energy Drink Bar *Lemonade Bar 

All of our Bar Catering Services can be added to any coffee package or Served as their own package without coffee

Cocoa & Smoothie bars include fun toppings! Additional Sizes & Specialty Menus with specific drinks are available. 

Whole Milk


OatMilk/Almond Milk

Half N Half aka Cream


More Choices available upon package Build

**Mason Jars Available as an addition**

Please note that each package represents approximately $6-$7 per person charge & 2 hours of service. This is an Open Bar Style with unlimited drinks. We may charge for travel outside of our service area but we will travel and don't mind it! 

A gratuity of 17% is added to all invoices and taxes on package pricing only.

 Contact Us for more Information on 

Custom Packages & Quotes

Please Include: 

Your Name, Email, What your services are for, How many Guests, Date & Time,

If you'd like to add any additional services with your coffee bar & a good phone #

We Look Forward to Hearing From you & Booking Services!

If you have enjoyed our services before, We cannot thank you enough!

We would absolutely appreciate an amazing google review so others may Enjoy/ Find some Southern Charm too!!

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